The Rider: Science Fiction. Santa’s post apocalyptic journey through the wastelands in search of peace. 

Tales Of Mytherwrel: Anime, Fantasy. The story of two Elfen girls in who’s hands rest the fate of a world. For Sorceress Raven Productions. URL:  Science Fiction. The search for an internet murderer in the near future. Ouija: Murder Mystery. A quiet sleepy northern California town has a secret serial killer. 

The Evil of Anthelia: Science Fiction/Murder Mystery/Police drama. The police are saddled with a mystery. The perpetrator is a supernatural being. Celluloid Social Club Hot Shots Shorts Competition, Indie Can, Screen Craft Screenwriting Contest-as a Feature 

The Creeping Vines: Science Fiction. A government experiment goes wrong and destroys a town and possibly the world.

 Merry Christmas World: Fantasy. A world where Christmas and Santa Claus are illegal. 

Bluebeards Pirate Cove Adventures: Comedy. A ghost story and a search for Pirate Treasure. 

Abduction: Science Fiction. Real Alien Abductions and a Hollywood Screenwriter. 

Project Sarah: Science Fiction. The fate of the Universe is in the hands of a young female warrior. Cine Coup Competition (collaberation for Balanse Ent.) 

Monster: Horror. A monstrous little girl has a small town and its inhabitants in the palm of her hand. 

Achillies Heel: Science Fiction. The world is being taken over by murderous aliens, and one man’s vendetta to erase them from the face of the earth. Slam Dance Competition. 

Asam-Ti: Science Fiction. A comic book writer is given the power of the universe and goes on a heroes journey to the stars. 

Crash of Flight 247: Science Fiction. A series of mysterious plane crashes baffles the TSB. Are aliens involved? Writers On The Storm Contest, Script Shark Competition, Without A Box. 

Daddies Girl: Drama. International intrigue. A government spy is hunted down by his daughter and punished for abandoning his family. Industry Insider Competition. 

Flights of Angels: Science Fiction. A kindly wood carver is murdered in post-apocalyptic America and becomes an avenging motorcycle riding angel.

 The Paws That Refreshes: Horror Comedy. A Wolfman on the hunt for refreshment. 

The Tablecloth: Drama. A love story that spans a world war and the test of time – Bluecat Screenplay Competition,Slam Dance Competition. 

Zombies In Love: Science Fiction. A story of Zombie love. Dead On Film Short Film Contest. 

Zombie Claus: Comedy. Zombie Claus and The Night Before Christmas. 

Zombies Deserve Love Too: Comedy. An abandoned house, Zombies and a special pizza delivery. 

Six Gun Sally: Comedy. She had difficulty squinting under her ten gallon hat…she can only lift 3 gallons. 

The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave: Comedy. The world is filled with Zombies, and… Mikee, the alcoholic Zombie. You try to run, but he finds you again and again and again. “Is that you Dave? Got any beers”? He is “The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave”. Hot Shot Shorts Competition. 

Telepathnesis: The Mindseye Project: Remote viewing and the end of the world? 

The Moonlight Generator: A scientist builds a Moonlight Generator with devastating consequences.    

Frankie Conquers The Spacelanes: A comedy spoof of 1930s space serials ala Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon with a nod to the Coyote and Roadrunner. 

Go DJ Part 1 North America: The amazing adventures of a party DJ. Adaptation of chapter one of GO DJ novel by Zane Nykolai.  

That – The Roachoid That Ate Statesburg: An innocent traveling vacuum cleaner salesman becomes a giant atomic mutated Cockroach. In the style of 1950s SciFi monster movies. 

Popper-TOT The Animated Series: A tiny egg shaped alien lands on Earth to explore and is befriended by 3 children who become his protectors from The Men In Black. For Sorceress Raven Productions. 

The Phantom B-17: A B-17 makes a perfect landing back in England during WWII, the crew is missing and all parachutes are on board. What happened to the crew? How did the plane land by itself? 

Getting A Head: Spec script for TV series Motive

Cowboy Dan: King of The Pecos: Tribute to the old singing cowboy serials of the 30s and 40s. 

Daddie and The Pie: Adaptation of a comic book. The Pie and I: Adaptation of a comic book. 

Cyber War – Terror In The Cloud: The year is 2048 and the US has been Cyber attacked in an unprecedented scale. Who did it and how do we strike back. Will the missiles fly? 

The Yellow Bridge Club: A 9 year old Bear with Downs Syndrome builds a Time Machine so his friends and he call travel to the past and future and other planets, on epic adventures, all in the comfort of their backyard tree fort and imaginations. Travel with them to meet Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Joan of Arc, etc. For Sorceress Raven Productions 

The Bond: Screenplay adaptation of the novel “The Bond: A Paranormal Love Story” by Karen Magill 

Mindanao Baby: The story of a mystery P-40 Warhawk that took off to fight the Japanese on Dec. 7 1941 and then reappears one year and a day later to crash land on Hawaii with no pilot aboard. 

Triangle Ghost Ship The Curse of the SS Copraxi: The Cuban Coast Guard comes across a mysterious abandoned freighter, the rusted out hulk of the SS Copraxi. She disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in December of 1925 only to reappear 90 years later empty and abandoned. What happened to the crew? Where has she been? Will the Triangle give up its secrets? 

The Bozoman Haunting: A team of a Paranormal TV Reality Show investigate ghosts in a Clown Retirement Home. 

The Things In The House:  6 backpackers come across a house infested with little creatures. The walls have TEETH! 

The Dark: Second in The Evils of Anthenia Trilogy The story of The Succubus 

The Yakshini: Third in the Evils of Anthenia Trilogy The story of The Succubus 

The Field: A world filled with Zombies. Three girls trying to survive in one corner of hell. From a story by Shamus Tyler Bob. 

Slime: A traditional Creature Feature. 

An Anthology of Terror: 9 tales of terror. Murder Most Fowl; The Spumoni Murders: Murder in a restaurant. Mad House: A psycho thriller in the loony bin. 

Superman and The Haunted Shipyard: Screen adaptation of the 1942 George Lowther novel “The Adventures of Superman”. Clark Kent gets his first assignment with the Daily Planet, but it turns out to be a job for Superman.